#7 7-9-14 - Happy babies (by MarissaBurton84)

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Rolling Jubilee’s tactic takes advantage of a peculiar characteristic of modern debt. When people stop paying, debts become delinquent. The original owner, say a bank, eventually writes the debts off and sells them off at bargain-basement prices to third-party collectors.

Rolling Jubilee has managed to step in instead and buy some of this secondary market debt, using donations raised online — in this case, buying student loan debt for less than 3 cents on the dollar. But instead of trying to collect this debt, the group makes it disappear.

This is incredibly inspiring—good for them for taking on debt incurred because of sketchy, for-profit “colleges.”

These People Can Make Student Loans Disappear : NPR Ed : NPR

Chris Messina should dance in every episode. Why isn’t this a rule yet?

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