Hush puppies! #pdxeats (at Russell Street BBQ)

#100happybookdays Unsticky by Sarra Manning. Sarra Manning takes well-worn tropes and spins them into something fresh and smart. Unsticky is memorable to me because on paper it seems like the sort of book is hate. Instead, it challenged my assumptions and was tough to put down, despite being nearly 600 pages long. #reading #bookstagram #day6

For a century, political power in Portland has been concentrated in a select few neighborhoods comprising a tiny fraction of the city’s overall geography.

Portland’s boundaries and population expanded east.

Political representation did not.

The reason? Unlike all but one other large American city, Portland has maintained a 101-year-old political system that does not ensure representation for newly annexed neighborhoods.


Hops v Hawks
Hillsboro, OR


My infinitely skilled friend Lisa’s new book, The Bridge from Me to You, is out on Tuesday and y’all should read it:

If you grew up in a small town, you’ll relate to this story 100 percent. Bonus: TBFMTY is half verse (like poetry but more awesome), half prose, so it’s something completely different in the best of ways.